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- Arkansas
Business Permit
Do I need a Arkansas Business Permit?
Arkansas Business Permit. A Arkansas Business Permit is required in addition to a federal tax ID and or a corporate or LLC certificate.
In addition to a Business Permit, you may need a Arkansas assumed firm business name registration because it is required if you use a name other
than the registered LLC name as a business trade name.

Thus, a trade assumed business name
registration is required if trading with a name other than
the llc or corporation name or you are a partnership. If a sole owner, you need it if you use a trade name to do business..
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Business Permit Example:
Asked on: 7/14/2018 3:02 PM
Hi I'm thinking about starting a new business. Transporting non emergency patients to appointments what do I need to do? How much is business license in las vegas so what is total for business license with DBA i am trying to start a commercial cleaning service in maryland what is my firts step i want to clean commercial buildings like banks and so on so how can i register the business in maryland call me now to 7278592724 I'm driving Are these only service fees, and not fees for the actual product? Example: Sellers permit, EIN # would be extra right? If i file as a sole proprietor at first, can i change it to an llc later WHAT DO THEY MEAN BY AN ADDITIONAL TRADE NAME IN DBA Im new to this and i want to sell stuff what is the first step i need to take? May I sell clothing with a seller's permit only?
7/14/2018 3:02 PM
Asked on: 7/14/2018 3:01 PM
In The State Of Montana, Is A Locksmith License Required? starting my own youth baseball team and not sure what is best to file under LLC, INC or CORP. I'm the only one starting it i already went through the IRS, getting ready to file through the state can you give me a call and explain me over the phone Yes I need to know what type of owner ship to chose. Sole, LLC, Partnership I do not understand what a trade name isI do not understand what a trade name is
7/14/2018 3:01 PM
Asked on: 3/31/2018 3:05 PM
This info is great for filling forms, this was very helpful .we already have a restaurant up and running for years, we need to get a catering license, how do we go about do this?

hi, im just doing research to see what I need to do. I would like to start my own bakery and sell out of my own kitchen. (Just cakes and cupcakes) Do i need a licence to do that?
3/31/2018 3:05 PM
Just submit the order form and get your business permit online today.
Asked on: 3/31/2018 3:05 PM
I need a tax I'd and business license Business is Gilreath pro wash and automotive I need a business licensefor sure I don't sell I detail cars and restore cars What would I need for a mobile grooming business?

Do I need a business license and a DBA if I don't have another business? we already have a restaurant up and running for years, we need to get a catering license, how do we go about do this?
3/31/2018 3:05 PM
Asked on: 3/31/2018 3:04 PM
I'm considering starting my own retail store. As of right now I'm in the beginning stages, no rush just making sure all license are legit before taking I begin selling merchandise I plan on being a small business reselling fashion shoes. I don't have a office yet. What license do I need to begin after I register my business name and receive resellers permit.

Hi I'm looking for information about buying  wholesale Where do I get a seller permit at in Houston Texas I dnt have a store nor a online site will be selling out my house and to friends and family what are the requirements for converting motorhome on quiz it won't let me go furter hey need tobacco permit for my vape shop if i pay for it now how long till i get info to send to distributors Hi, I already operate a mobile auto detaining business in Los Angeles, CA. My question is f I wanted to buy some real estate and me my business what are the requirements?

I just need to know the drainage requirements What are the requirements as far as drainage goes? Where can I find out about this?you are going to fast for me and I have to leave soon. I will read are review tonight. Thanks for your help. No, I meant for health code regulations, I own a restaurant, I'm just thinking about getting a hot dog cart for vending at eventsI work with central business funding and they said I have to register my business name or plc license what state can I so it for 50 dollars When will I see my business on the it's website or government website.

once I get the License. I did the questionnaire I willl register now. Hi Im looking into getting a home bakery permit to just sell cakes and cupcakes. Hi how I can get wa license for cleaning houses? Yes, my husband and I would like to obtain a business certificate/license. He is a DJ do you have the regulations for Quebec I want to register my company name with youHi I want to open a fried chicken resturant in jersey city , which license do I need for business? I already registered by biz name and dba but don't know what else I need to sell art and tshirts online through shopify I live in NYC but would like to obtain a security and private detective company license in Pennsylvannia How much do I need to spend in order to obtain all of these with the exception to retail?how can I obtain my license to start my business as a tile installer? yes , I a Canadian wanted to open export business in Miami.
3/31/2018 3:04 PM
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I am going to be a online wholesaler. Is another permit required?
Online wholesales require a wholesale ID also called a seller's permit ID.

How ofter do I have to pay sales tax?
Once your receive you sales tax id, you will have to pay quarterly semi annually or annually based on the amount of sales you make.

Is there such thing as a universal business license issued by the federal government?
No universal numbers are usually issued by the state but you may need a federal tax id to pay business income tax on your business profit.

Why do I need a business tax registration?
A business tax registration is based on the gross income, number of employees and business location.

How to I pay my annual business tax?
You can pay your annual business tax by regular mail.